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Within Aberdeenshire we have embraced Getting it Right for Every Child. We have recognised radical change rarely happens overnight particularly in a large authority like Aberdeenshire where changes are taking place across broad fronts involving different services and different professions and disciplines within each service. Nevertheless, even at this relatively early stage in the change process, we are able to identify indications of positive change highlighting that progress is being made and that improvements are becoming embedded.

Our GIRFEC procedures, processes and pathways support a streamlined route to services that firmly hold the well-being of the child or young person and their family at the centre of any intervention. Whether a concern is raised about a child in education, health, social work, the police or the voluntary sector, the same questions and the same sequence of procedures have been implemented.

Prior to this it was not uncommon for parents, children and young people to find themselves attending a number of different meetings often answering the same questions and providing professionals with the same chronological narrative.

That situation has now changed. All agencies have clearly bought into the idea of early multi-agency planning meetings to discuss emerging concerns around the well-being of a child. This process recognises the benefits of early and effective intervention and the need to ensure the child and their family are equal partners in the child’s plan.

Partnership Working

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