Welcome to the Aberdeenshire Multi Agency Child Protection Training Calendar. This training is available free of charge to anyone who in the course of their work or volunteering activities may come into direct or indirect contact with children and their families.

There are various training courses available for people to book, depending on their professional/volunteering role and the level of contact they have with children and their families.  The workforce definitions described below are used against each course in the training calendar to give people an indication of whether the course is relevant to their role.  A brief definition of the aims and learning outcomes for each training course is also provided to help people decide if the training is likely to meet their professional or volunteering needs.

Group Definition
General Contact Workforce Defined as those who, as part of their job are likely to come into contact with children, young people and other family members.  The frequency of the contact will vary but these workers will not usually be involved in any in-depth personal work with them.  These workers need to have the confidence and awareness to recognise when a child or young person may be in need of protection and how to respond, for example, admin staff, receptionists, GP’s, support workers etc.
Specific Contact Workforce Defined as those who: carry out direct work with children, young people or family members and/or form more in-depth relationships with them: and/or provide specific services to them.  These workers may carry out regular work with a child, young person or adult (although this will not always be the case). Contact may take place in the home or another setting.  It may involve one to one or group work.  These workers may be asked to contribute to the risk assessment and risk management process and may be involved in providing ongoing support to children, young people and other family members. For example, teachers, Head Teachers, Social Workers, Health Visitors, etc.
Intensive Contact Workforce Defined as those who have specific designated responsibility for child protection issues as part of their role (e.g. where this is linked to their post or, where they are the Named person or Lead Professional): and /or those who will be involved in undertaking child protection investigations or working with complex cases. For example, Police, Social Work, Health, Education staff etc.

Courses available