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PACE – Permanence & Care Excellence

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The PACE programme was developed as part of an initiative from the Scottish Government and Celcis with the aim of reducing drift and delay in permanence decisions for children and young people in Scotland.

The Aberdeenshire project began on the 4th November 2014, and since then a Permanence group of twenty multi-agency Permanence Leads have been meeting fortnightly to map the process of what actually happens when a child is accommodated right through to final destination and legal order. This has enabled us to understand where the challenges are and where drift and delay is most likely to occur.

Aberdeenshire’s Vision for Permanence is ‘….. each child living in a stable ,safe, secure and happy home , where they know they will stay until they are independent and where they know they can make lifelong connections.’

Aberdeenshire’s aims:

• 90% of children accommodated before their 12th birthday will have a permanence plan within 9months by the end of January 2016.
• All children under 12 with PO/POA plan will be presented to the panel within 12 weeks of the plan being agreed.

Published below are bi monthly news letters with information on our progress to date.

PACE Newsletters

More Information

For more information, please contact:

Leigh Jolly ( or on 01467 628308