Domestic Abuse

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The National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 states that:

Domestic abuse describes any behaviour that involves exerting control over a partner or ex-partner’s life choices and that undermines their personal autonomy. It is an assault on their human rights. Although most victims are women, men can also suffer domestic abuse, and it can occur in same-sex relationships as well as heterosexual ones. Children and young people living with domestic abuse are at increased risk of significant harm, both as a result of witnessing the abuse and being abused themselves. Children can also be affected by abuse even when they are not witnessing it or being subjected to abuse themselves. Domestic abuse can profoundly disrupt a child’s environment, undermining their stability and damaging their physical, mental and emotional health.

The following agencies are potential sources of advice and support:

Grampian Women’s Aid

Police Scotland

Aberdeenshire Council Children and Families Teams 

NHS Grampian

Children 1ST

Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership

Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration

Aberdeenshire Council Housing

Apply4Homes Website

Victim Support, Scotland

Disclosure Scheme Domestic Abuse Scotland

DSDAS provides a formal mechanism for potential victims, their family members, or another concerned member of the public or professional body (e.g. Police Scotland, Social Work, Advocacy Services, Womens Aid etc.) to make enquiries about an individual who they are in a relationship with or is in a relationship with someone they know, and there is a concern that the individual may be abusive towards their partner.

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