The GIRFEC approach is being implemented across Scotland by all public agencies, charities, voluntary organisations and private providers whose work involves children.

Within Aberdeenshire the Community Planning Partnership has delegated the responsibility for the multi-agency planning and delivery of children’s services to the GIRFEC Chief Officer Group for Children. The GIRFEC Strategic Group provides leadership and direction for children’s services and sets the vision, aims and priorities for service delivery, articulating and complementing the work of the Child and Family Protection Committee.

Aberdeenshire’s GIRFEC Structure has multi-agency representation at all levels, reflecting the strong partnership between Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services; NHS Grampian; Police Scotland; Third Sector organisations (via Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action) and others. Please see the below GIRFEC Structure document for more information on how Aberdeenshire’s GIRFEC arrangements support multi-agency work within Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire’s children’s services partners are committed to meeting the needs and improving outcomes of all children and young people. They are committed to tackling inequality, giving every child and young person the best possible start in life and to provide support, where required, to enable them to realise their potential and become confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens.
For more detail on our vision, aims and priorities for Aberdeenshire’s children please see below the Children’s Service Plan