Child Protection is everyone’s responsibility.


Protecting children is the responsibility of every member of the community, not just child protection services.

Remember – if you suspect abuse, do not rely on someone else to notice.

If you would like to speak to someone, seek help or pass on information or concerns:

Agency Contact Details
Social Work Monday to Friday during office hours contact your Children & Families local Social Work Office

Evenings & Weekends call the Out of Hours Service on 03456 08 12 06

Police Emergency 999

Non Emergency 101

Useful contact numbers

NHS Grampian Designated Doctor/Nurse Consultant in Child Protection Tel: 01224 551706 during office hours
Out of hours or urgent referrals: Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital & Dr Gray’s Hospital, Tel: 0845 456 6000

Do not worry about being wrong: you may only know one part of the story. Other people may know more and your action could be the key to ending a child’s suffering.

Signs of abuse can range from poor personal hygiene and hunger to unexplained injuries or self-harm.

If a young person tells you they are being abused:

  • stay calm and listen to them
  • never promise to keep it a secret – tell them you must let someone else know
  • remind them that they are not to blame and are doing the right thing
  • report it, but leave any investigation to child protection agencies

Protecting Aberdeenshire’s children is everyone’s business.