The Aberdeenshire Child Protection Committee is a strategic partnership responsible for the design, development, publication, distribution, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of child protection and domestic abuse policy and practice across the public, private and wider third sectors in the Aberdeenshire area.

All agencies have the objective of improving outcomes for children by making sure children get the help they need, when they need it and have the right to be safe, protected from abuse, neglect and harm.

The Aberdeenshire Child Protection Committee is part of a larger framework of Public Protection arrangements in Aberdeenshire. The overall aim is the prevention of harm to vulnerable groups and involves working with both victims and perpetrators.

Committee Membership

The Aberdeenshire Child Protection Committee is a multi-agency group with members from the Police, Health, local authority and third sector organisation’s. The role of each agency is to give individual and collective leadership and direction for the management of child protection services by promoting child protection policy and practice.

Chief Social Work Officer Role of CSWO
Detective Chief Inspector Police Scotland
Head of Service Education, Aberdeenshire Council
Principal Educational Psychologist Education, Aberdeenshire Council
Head of Service Children’s Services Social Work, Aberdeenshire Council
Lead Nurse Child Protection NHS Grampian
Operational Lead Nurse Children and Families Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Consultant Paediatrician Lead for Child Protection and Adoption and Fostering NHS Grampian
Representative Third Sector
Social Work Manager Adult Services Aberdeenshire Adult Services Social Work Health & Social Care Partnership
Locality Reporter Manager Grampian Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
Area Support and Improvement Partner Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS)
Chair Any working group for the Committee
Service Transformation Manager GIRFEC Connectivity to GIRFEC Strategic Group
CPC Lead officer Child Protection Committee
Practice Improvement Officer Child Protection Committee

Committee Functions

In June 2014, the Scottish Government published the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 which describes the functions of Child Protection Committees as continuous improvement; strategic planning and public information and communication.  This has been supplemented by the advice and guidance document Protecting children and young people: Child Protection Committee and Chief Officer responsibilities


Committee Constitution – Constitution Act of Aberdeenshire CPC 2017 (doc 114kb)


Committee Annual Reports

Aberdeenshire CPC Annual Report 2017 (pdf 1Mb)