Getting it Right for Every ChildGetting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), is the national approach aiming to safeguard, support and promote children and young people’s wellbeing. It’s being embedded across Scotland in a number of ways, by the Scottish Government, Public Agencies, Third Sector Organisations, and Partner Providers.

Part 3 of the Children and Young People Act (Scotland) 2014 means that each local authority and health board are required to jointly publish a Children’s Services Plan. They have to develop, deliver, and review this plan along with Community Planning Partners (see above). By agreeing together how local resources can be used best, each plan outlines the action being taken to promote resilience and wellbeing, and tackle inequality, poverty and disadvantage. You can find out more about Aberdeenshire Children’s Services Plan via the links to the right.

The vision statement of our Children’s Services Plan, reflects a shared drive at the very highest level of the Community Planning Partnership to Get It Right For Every Child.

‘Our commitment to Aberdeenshire’s children and young people,

is to provide them with the right support, in the right place, at the right time.

In helping them reach their individual potential and goals,

we will work together to make Aberdeenshire the best place in Scotland to grow up’

Children’s Services Plans detail the way in which local organisations deliver support to improve outcomes for children, young people, and their families. They show how services work individually and together, to prevent difficulties arising and to make sure support is available for families at an early stage.

Aberdeenshire’s Community Planning Board has delegated governance for its Children’s Services Planning arrangements to the Chief Officers of the Executive Group for Public Protection.  To find out more about the different groups which support delivery of our Children’s Services Plan, please visit Who We Are.